About Brian

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas and around the globe, Brian’s sleight of hand has won him some of the most prestigious awards in the field of magic. He is considered one of the most sought after close-up magicians in the world. Brian has been personally requested to perform for the Saudi royal family, high profile music artists, film & television stars, and prominent executives in the business world.

Brian’s ability to deliver jaw-dropping magic that keep people talking for months afterward puts him on the top of every event planner’s list.


Brian’s Close-up Act

This is the show that Brian performs when he headlines at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. It is the international award-winning magic act that has earned him numerous awards and accolades in the magic world.

A giant straw magically appears out of a top hat done with a spot on impression of the famous Bullwinkle Moose from the show of the same name. From there the act explodes from one impossible illusion to another. Coins defy the laws of physics, cards do things that are unexplainable, and finally it all ends with Pez candy spilling out from under three upside down cups that have been previously empty on the table the whole time. All of this is done with a rapid-fire combination of comedy and dead on impressions of cartoons and celebrities.

Except that it doesn’t end there. In one last and final breathtaking feat of magic, Brian takes the empty top hat from plain view and pulls a live rabbit out of it. Then instantly transforms the one bunny into two…. IN PLAIN VIEW!

It’s a twenty-minute show you will never forget.

Corporate Events

Corporations need to ensure their special events will succeed and be remembered. Brian’s impossible illusions are often central to that mission. His client list includes some of the top companies and organizations in the world.

Magic Awards

Brian Ochab was the first magician in the history of magic to have received the Audience Choice Award from both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.

Walk Around & Strolling Magic

This is close-up magic in the truest sense of the word. It’s magic that is performed “up close” and personal. It’s also the most interactive and in some ways the most fun, because the illusions are mostly created right in the hands of the audience member. For example, a card is selected then signed by the spectator. Brian then causes the card to disappear right before your eyes and then reappear in completely impossible locations…..a front pocket, inside a sealed envelope tucked inside a zippered wallet, and finally the card is discovered folded inside a box that Brian never touched but that has been held by the spectator the entire time.

In addition to impossible card illusions, rubber bands mysteriously pass through each other, a coin magically appears under the spectator’s watch, and a real eight ball pops out of a playing card right in front of you. All of these impossible miracles will happen right before your eyes and leave you completely bewitched and bewildered.

Grand Illusion

Grand Illusion is the type of magic most people think of when Las Vegas is mentioned.  It’s the big stuff!   Turning a woman into a live leopard, sawing a woman in half or making something huge appear on stage like full size car.

Imagine this.  You’re in a room with your special guests.  The lights dim just a bit.  On stage the magician walks out with two assistants.   The two assistants pull a cloth across the empty stage.  In seconds, the magician pulls back the cloth and a full size Batmobile appears with your president or CEO seated in the drivers seat.  The audience goes crazy!

Not only is this magic, it’s a reality!